"It's excellent! I have it, Chris Burrows has it.. they're phenomenal."
-Taryn Winter Brill. Anchor/Reporter. GoodDay Sacramento News.

"I think it is faster... seems to struggle much less."
-Chris Burrous. Anchor. CBS 13 News.

"They put in this bullet proof software that doesn’t exist anywhere else.."
-Taryn Winter Brill Anchor/Reporter. GoodDay Sacramento.

"They are the holy grail of computer fixers..."
-Taryn Winter Brill Anchor/Reporter. GoodDay Sacramento News.

"Everything seems to be working very well...thank you very much!!"
-Chris Burrous. Anchor. CBS 13 News.

"They put in this software that is like no other.. They saved my life!"
-Taryn Winter Brill. Anchor/Reporter. GoodDay Sacramento.

"No Lie, You guys are the best."
-Alan Sanchez. Reporter. Good Day Sacramento News.

"They are basically Rescue911 for computers."
-Taryn Winter Brill. Anchor/Reporter. Good Day Sacramento News.

"This is so impressive!"
-Chris Burrous. Anchor. CBS 13 News.

"A bug got your computer down? No worries, the people at 911 PC FIX . com..."
-Nick Toma. Anchor. Good Day Sacramento News.

"This service is GREAT! My computer is faster than when I first bought it!"
-Tracy W. Sacramento.

"YOU GUYS ROCK! My PC is faster than when I bought it! The dumb geeks wanted to format it but you guys fixed everything over the internet! I am glad I asked the geeks to leave my house and found you!"
-Bradford Weston III  San Francisco.

"I was on month 10 of your year guarantee. I got reinfected. I called you & 20 minutes later, my system was clean again. Your business is honorable."
-Tony Bounmala. Stockton

"If you have any kind of computer emergency, these are the people you want to call."
-Taryn. GoodDay Sacramento.

"They are like Harry Potter of computer wizards.."
-Cody Stark. Good Day Sacramento News.